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The free Men’s Divorce School webinars offer a more private environment to learn more about the ins and outs of divorce. You can attend the live presentations from the comfort of your home or office on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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The Men’s Divorce School seminars, hosted in select cities throughout the year, provide a more in-depth overview of the divorce process. The free events cover a variety of topics, giving you a better understanding of what lies ahead in your divorce.

Attend a Seminar or Learn Online: Divorce Education Your Way

Knowledge is power when it comes to divorce, but it can be difficult for guys to find accurate information that will help with their case.

Men’s Divorce School is designed to offer men and fathers a free crash course in Divorce 101, covering topics that range from alimony and property division to custody and child support. With both in-person seminar and online webinar options, you have the option to choose the learning environment that is right for you.

Simply select your preferred setting, register for the next event, and you are on your way to gaining a deeper understanding of what to expect in your divorce.

Topics Covered May Include:

  • How is Custody Decided?

  • Will I Have To Pay Spousal or Child Support?

  • What is the Divorce Process Like in my Region?

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